About: Redwood Outriggers History

In 1989 Bob Cummings, owner and operator of Secret Harbor Boat-works in nearby Potter Valley, decided to stop by Catch a Canoe & Bicycles Too during a trip to the coast. He was impressed with the operation and invited Rick Hemmings the shop manager, to come visit and see a redwood outrigger in person. Rick was quite taken with what he saw when Bob removed the protective tarp. Bob appreciating his enthusiasm offered to loan him an outrigger canoe to take back with him—and to try renting it if the situation arose.

The unbelievable stability and easy foot controlled steering were an instant hit with all who paddled that first boat. The owner of the Stanford Inn Eco Resort and Catch a Canoe & Bicycles Too, Jeff Stanford, recognized the potential of this very different type of rental canoe and has provided the substantial funds for their purchase.

To date, Bob has constructed over 25 boats redwood outriggers exclusively for Catch a Canoe, each with it’s own variation on the theme.

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redwood outriggers at catch a canoe in mendocino ca - stanford inn and big river